Golden Rule Interntional

Golden Rule Interntional
iChange Nations™

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Amb Clyde Rivers with Amb Mussie Hailu
Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers, Founder and President of iChange Nations™ has approved a new award in honor of a top World Peace Activist and Philanthropist, Ambassador Mussie Hailu. This award is the iChange Nations™ Ambassador Mussie Hailu Global Peace Award. Ambassador Hailu is known worldwide to be a man of high values, deep care for humanity and works around the world with the message of the Golden Rule.

The "Ambassador Mussie Hailu Global Peace Award," is an iChange Nations™ award intended to acknowledge, recognize and appreciate the efforts of individuals or organizations throughout the world who are committed to promoting a culture of peace, compassion, human dignity, the teaching of the Golden Rule, "Treat others the way you want to be treated", with mutual respect and co-existence among followers of different religions and cultures.

Ambassador Mussie Hailu is working at regional, national and international levels. His efforts involve promoting peace, reconciliation, interfaith harmony and world citizenship. In addition, he labors to protect human rights, enhancing respect and human dignity and compassion for all forms of life around the world. He also actively works against the proliferation of small arms and light weapons promoting disarmament. His efforts are also directed at constructive dialogue, building bridges for international cooperation and promoting the teaching of the Golden Rule as a guiding principle.

Ambassador Clyde Rivers said, “Ambassador Mussie Hailu is one of the most influential men I know around the world impacting humanity for good. It is a great honor for my organization, iChange Nations™, to be able to create an award in his honor. Anyone receiving this award will be an example of what our world so desperately needs. True global peace representatives honoring mankind by living the Golden Rule, treating others the way they want to be treated.”

iChange Nations™ is the World’s Largest Honoring Network Establishing Cultures of Honor in the World. We are proud to now have the, “Ambassador Mussie Hailu Global Peace Award,” in which to honor qualified people changing the world.