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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dr. Manuel Tigerino Wins Goodwill Ambassador Award

Ambassador Mussie Hailu, Dr. Manuel Tigerino, Ambassador Clyde Rivers
Dr. Manuel Tigerino, Founder of Latin University of Theology receives an international award  - the esteemed Golden Rule Award given by the Interfaith Peace Initiative (IPI). The Golden Rule Award stands for, "Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated." Dr. Manuel Tigerino has exemplified that message with his life. He has established a multi-cultural bridge that brings people from every faith and culture together to work to solve problems in nations and cities of the world.

We had the privilege to honor Dr. Tigerino in Los Angeles, California, with the Founder of the Golden Rule Award, Ambassador Mussie Hailu. Ambassador Clyde Rivers, the IPI Representative to the United Nations - New York was also in attendance. Ambassador Rivers said, "I have worked with Dr. Manuel Tigerino and Latin University of Theology for several years and Dr. Tigerino is the best I know at creating cultural unity. It is great to have Dr. Tigerino as a Goodwill Ambassador of the Golden Rule International."

Friday, May 3, 2013

President of Finland Wins Golden Rule Award - 2010

Tarja Halonen- President of Finland
The 2010 Golden Rule Award was awarded to Finland's President Tarja Halonen. President Halonen has strongly supported dialogue between cultures and religions in Finland as well as around the world. Among the many actions she has been involved in, President Halonen gathered the leaders of the so-called Abrahamic Faiths after the 9-11 terrorist attacks and the Finnish religious leaders continue to meet regularly on the President's initiative since 2011. She has also given her support to the importance of the role of women around the world and their tremendous work for the common good in their communities. 

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D. Ruth Mizel

Dr. Ruth Mizell the former campaign manager for George H. Bush Sr. the former President of the United States of America wins Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative Golden Rule Award. The Golden Rule Award is given to people that represent the Golden Rule in their life, which is treat others the way you want to be treated. We believe the Golden Rule is one of the only ways to promote cultures of peace around the world and stop religious violence in the name of God.

The Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative is the founder of the Golden Rule Award, which is now pushing Golden Rule Day as a day to be recognized by the United Nations and the Africa Union. We now have 120 countries that participate in Golden Rule Day, which is April 5th. We are proud to have the former President of Finland; Tarja Halonen as a winner of this prestigious Golden Rule Award.

Ruth Mizell has worked on Capitol Hill in the United States of America standing for religious freedom while helping mankind to love one another for well over 30 yrs.; a life that has lived the Golden Rule. "Prof Clyde Rivers calls Dr. Ruth Mizell one of the greatest Christian ladies in the world. She truly is the Golden Rule." She's 90 years old and still working to help the world.