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Golden Rule Interntional
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Navajo Nation proclaims “International Golden Rule Day!”

Hon Rex Lee, VP of Navajo Nation (left)
with Dr. Robert Ornales

Announcement from Ambassador Mussie Hailu in Ethiopia:

Dear Friends, Greetings of peace, light and blessing from Africa. Hope this finds you all in peace and good health. I am happy to inform you that the 8th Navajo Nation Vice President, Hon. Rex Lee Jim joined us in proclaiming the Golden Rule Day.

Background information about the Hon. Rex Lee Jim, Vice President of Navajo Nation, Window Rock, AZ. After serving as a ranking member on the Judiciary Committee and Chairman of the Public Safety Committee within the 21st Navajo Nation Council, Delegate Rex Lee Jim was sworn in as Vice President of the Navajo Nation on January 11, 2011.

Born and raised in Rock Point, a small farming and ranching community in northern Arizona. Vice President Jim after graduating from Princeton University started work with the Rock Point Community School teaching Navajo to students K-12. During this time, he developed a curriculum for K-Graduate programs that was culturally and pedagogically appropriate for Navajo students. He has published books and produced plays using the Navajo language. An author, playwright, and medicine man, Vice President Jim continues to make diplomatic trips abroad on behalf of the United Nations to improve relations between nation states and indigenous peoples.

As a representative of the Carter Foundation, the Vice President has helped improve relations between the United States of America and the Andean Countries of Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. Vice President Jim played a key role in the drafting and final passage of the International Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. On 16 December 2010, President Barack Obama declared that the United States is going to sign the declaration.

The Navajo people elected Vice President Jim for his vision to foster the language, traditional songs and prayers, and to ensure the prosperity of the Navajo Nation.

I just received the proclamation from the Vice President. The Golden Rule teaching is spreading to the four corners of the Earth. The more we promote the Golden Rule the more we create a culture of peace, interfaith harmony, understanding, compassion, human right, respect for all forms of life, right human relationships and better world for all.

May Peace Prevail on Earth
In Peace and gratitude
Mussie Hailu

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